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“I AM EVERY WOMEN” pays homage to all the inspiring and passionate women around the world - To a soulful Nina Simone, the trailblazing Peggy Guggenheim, the visionary Diana Vreeland, and our creative director’s muse, the remarkable Paula Amorim.

Drawing from the words of Yves Saint Laurent, Ricardo Preto emphasizes the key role of women, declaring that “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it”. The “I AM EVERY WOMEN” collection wholeheartedly echoes this statement, as it captures the essence of the woman who inspired it.

In this collection Ricardo represents his muse, Paula, through exclusive prints with a strong and harmonious chromatic game between warm and neutral tones. The noble materials used to craft the unique pieces – from silk, viscose, linen and fur to exquisite embroidery, sequins details, patchwork, feathers, and soft silk – are a testament to Ricardo´s profound and enduring inspiration.

Every piece in this collection embodies the spirit and vision of Paula, from the stunning Cinnabar kaftan-style dress crafted from linen, adorned with unique and colorful elements, to the captivating Shirley dress, which features a gradient of subtle and delicate organic elements.

"I AM EVERY WOMEN" is a magnificent tribute to the creative power emanating from the bond between the artist and his muse. Ricardo and Paula's collaboration has resulted in a collection that is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is a celebration and an invitation to embrace the unique beauty of every woman.