PAULA is the reflection of my vision

The Paula collection began to take shape in December 2018 and was idealized for our Fashion Clinic Clients, a lot of them my dear friends.

My experience in the fashion industry and luxury market led me to launch my own collection. It was the next natural step. My relationship with Fashion as a Woman and Entrepreneur, gave me the confidence and ambition to idealize and bring to life this project.

Paula is a reflection of my Vision.

Today, the PAULA collection presents itself as a timeless collection that appeals to the comfort and quality of materials and fabrics, in essential pieces in women's wardrobe. Designed for a contemporary woman, with personality, always feminine and elegant, who values ​​details.

More than just fashion, PAULA is a state of mind with a unique vision of a sophisticated and versatile woman who likes to feel beautiful.

Our collection is available at all Fashion Clinic Stores, Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, and also online.

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